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Welcome to Bharti Business Group, a Network of forward-thinking companies dedicated to excellence and innovation. Bharti Business Group includes Bharti Share Market,

Bharti Share Market, where we lead the way in share market and investment education. In a rapidly growing Indian economy with financial literacy, Bharti Share Market pioneers financial education, instilling vital skills and confidence in over 1,70,000 people.

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Bharti Business Group is committed to shaping futures, fostering growth and providing unparalleled solutions. Join us on this journey towards excellence and success.

Our Success Story

Start on the success journey of Bharti Group of Companies, where education, innovation and empowerment converge. Our commitment lies in nurturing essential skills and confidence in our students, guided by a highly experienced faculty with over a decade in financial markets. Having educated over 1,70,000 individuals through impactful seminars and classroom programs, our focus extends to promoting financial literacy. Our initiatives not only educate individuals but also contribute to the growth of numerous businesses. As a part of Bharti Group of Companies, we continue to be at the forefront of education and support for both individuals and businesses, fostering success in every facet of our journey. Welcome to a realm where knowledge meets progress with Bharti Group of Companies.

Bharti Share Market in Pune

About Prof. Ravindra Bharti Sir

Prof. Ravindra Bharti Sir - Founder and CMD of Bharti Business Group, a visionary force in the stock market and business, was born into a debt-ridden farming family in Bori Aindi, Pune. He defied the odds and initiated his stock market journey in 2004. An engineering graduate of Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune, Bharti Sir is driven by a mission to educate India about the stock market. In 2008, he founded Bharti Share Market, now a beacon of financial education headquartered in Pune's Marvel Fuego, Magarpatta. With over 75,000 students and 850+ franchises, Bharti Share Market aims to enlighten over 10 crore Indians. He appears on Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati news stations on a daily basis to teach the public about the stock market industry and has authored 12 stock market books.

Bharti's ventures include businesses in various sectors like stock market, aviation, media, publications and reality.He help people to grow in the stock market. Prof. Ravindra Bharti is a respected financial influencer, stock market expert, business coach and investor.

From modest beginnings to becoming a big force in the stock market and No. 1 stock market trainer in Maharashtra, Bharti sir has accomplished it all. Bharti Group is here to guide everyone toward relative success in both the stock market and business endeavours.